::: Rapid Mixer Granulator :::

  RMD is designed to work on two decisive factors essential for the powder mixing:

  • Spinning close to the bottom of mixing bowl
  • The impeller sets the entire mixture in a whirling, rising, tumbling motion ensuring a quick an even distribution of all dry components, which leads to an even wetting of every granules. The large lumps occurred during wet mixing are broken up, by the strategically located high speed chopper.
  • Blending and wet mixing is accomplished by high mechanical agitation by impeller and chopper. Mixing , densification and agglomeration of wetted materials are achieved through shearing and compaction forces exerted the impeller. The primary function of chopper is to cut lumps into smaller fragments and aid the bowl or spread onto the powder to achieve a more homogenous liquid distribution.
  • High Shear Granulation is fast, efficient and reproducible method of wet granulation.
  • Easy to process cohesive materials that are impossible to process in a low shear mixers / fluid bed granulators.
  • Designed achieved excellent mixing and consistent granules at lower operating cost with higher productivity.
  • Better mixing and close controls of granules size leads to faster tableting speed with improved quality and least rejection.

  Rapid Mixer Granulator Salient Features:

  • Homogeneous Binder distribution
  • Shorter batch time leads to faster tabletting speed.
  • Easy to clean for faster batch change over.
  • cGMP compliance.
  • All moving parts are totally enclosed to avoid accident to the equipment or personnel.
  • Air purge sealing for main impeller and chopper shaft to avoid cross contamination of products.
  • Available with PLC based fully automatic control panel, upon request.
  • Flame proof construction with variable frequency drive can be provided upon request.
  • Binder spraying arrangement can be provided on demand.
  • Models available from 25 Ltrs. to 1000 Ltrs. capcity.

  Rapid Mixer Granulator Technical Specifications:








10 KGS.

DE RMG 100

100 LTRS

80 LTRS.

40 KGS.

DE RMG 150

150 LTRS

120 LTRS.

60 KGS.

DE RMG 250

250 LTRS.

200 LTRS.

100 KGS.

DE RMG 400

400 LTRS.

320 LTRS.

160 KGS.

DE RMG 600

600 LTRS.

480 LTRS.

240 KGS.

DE RMG 1000

1000 LTRS.

800 LTRS.

400 KGS.


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