::: FBD Bowl Tippler :::

  FBD Bowl Tippler Salient Features:

  • Suitable to different capacities of FBD Bowl.
  • cGMP construction.
  • Designed for continuous operation at safe working load.
  • Projection of lifting arm shall be as per client's requirement.
  • Available in mobile as well as Fixed positioned unit to suit the site condition.
  • Hydraulically powered lifting / lowering movement.
  • Hose burst check valve will not allow the lifted load to come down, in case of hose pipe leakage or failure.
  • Safety limit switches for maximum up & down movement control.
  • Controlled travel speed avoids vibrations and increases operator safety.
  • Limit switches for up & down movement.
  • Limit switches for stopping the cone in 0 degree & 180 degree.
  • Dust free operation.


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