::: Automatic Coating Machine :::

  Automatic Coating Machine Salient Features:

  • All the contact parts will be made from SS 316.
  • Perforated coating pan with variable frequency AC drive for step less control of speed.
  • Unique spray arm design to achive the greater flexibility durinsolution over the table bed.
  • Spray guns with automated automizing and shut off control to ensure zero droplet during the process.
  • Double wall insulated air handling system with necessary filters, heat exchange and dehumidification system.
  • Inlet, Exhaust and tablet bed temperature measurement.
  • RH Measurement and control using high quality sensors.
  • PLC Controlled Equipment with touch screen operator interface for process visualization.
  • Connectivity to SCADA system for batch documentation.
  • Models available in 24" / 30" / 36" & 48" size
  • Flame proof construction available on demand.


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